Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Effective and Simple Restaurant Marketing Ideas

If you have just built a new restaurant, you have to do some marketing ideas. This way, you can attract many guests to come to your restaurant. The proper restaurant marketing ideas can help you to promote your business. When the public knows your business, they may be interested to visit your restaurant. Therefore, you have to apply some marketing ideas below.

• Offer a restaurant coupon.

Giving coupon is the best way to invite the guests to visit your restaurant. Many companies use this restaurant marketing idea. You just need to provide a coupon for the guest. Then, they can redeem this offer on the next visit. Indirectly, this coupon encourages the guests to return to your restaurant. But, you have to provide some restriction for this offer. For instance, the guests have to redeem this coupon within two months. Besides, they cannot redeem this coupon along with other special offers.

• Reduce the restaurant cost.

You have to allocate your time to check the restaurant cost at least every six months. If you want to increase your profit, you have to cut the cost. You should search the best deal from your suppliers. Then, you should check the profit margin. Review the menu item which gives you the highest profit. If necessary, you should create other special menus. This way, you can sell more dishes. The next, you also need to eliminate the menu which gives you the worst margin.

• Increase the price.

Another restaurant marketing idea is increasing the price. This strategy is the fastest way to increase the restaurant profit. You need to learn about the psychology of buying behavior and pricing. You should notice that some people do not decide to purchase something due to the price. This type of people is willing to spend much money to get the best quality of the product. Never reduce your price. It is fine to offer a discount for the certain menu. Then, you should not be afraid of competing with another restaurant. You just need to prove that you can serve the delicious menu. Also, you can give the premium service for the guests. This way, the guests will always visit your restaurant even your menu is expensive.

• Celebrate a birthday at your restaurant.

Birthday is the perfect time to give the personalized offer. Offering the birthday coupon is one of the most effective restaurants marketing ideas. To begin this idea, you have to gather the birthday information from every guest who visits your restaurant. For instance, you can ask them to enter a guest survey. This way, you can collect their personal information. The next, you should send a restaurant coupon on their birthday via email. You should allow them to redeem this birthday coupon within the entire month of the birthday.
In addition, you can offer the birthday service. For instance, you offer the birthday cake at the lower price. Besides, you also can give the special rate when they celebrate the birthday at your restaurant. Furthermore, you can try to do the birthday campaign in order to invite the new guests. You can create an advertisement to introduce the restaurant.