Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Great Ways –The Ways to be a Good Friend

There is a wise word that says, “One best friend is better than a thousand friends”. Maybe, some people will agree with it. In a sure, friendship is such as a valuable thing in our life. Even, some people make their friends in their second important people after a family. So, we can conclude that lots people think that friendship is more than a couple relationship.

In general, to band the two minds or even more is not an easy task. In friendship case, often we get some problems. For example, we got misunderstanding, lack of belief, and lose a having sense because of its each activity. At least, as a human, we need to improve our selves to be better than before. In this context, we need to make ourselves to be a good friend to the others. To reach this goal, we have to find the great ways that suitable for us.

This article will help you to find out some great ways to be a good friend. In a hope, you may catch some best ways and practice it in your real life. And, here they are:

• The first:
The first great ways are about how to make an effort to meet. One problem often comes in friendship is about loosing of a having sense. In this case, the lack of meeting moment becomes the main reason why we face this problem. Because of any reason such as job, school or family, maybe we will think that we don’t make a mistake. But, your best friends maybe think different.

So, to solve this problem, you need to make an effort to create a meeting. No matter you cannot meet them every day; at least you need spend your few times in twice a week or a month to meet them. But, we need to make sure that we keep a good communication via phone, social media, or email as well as possible.

• The second:
The next great ways are about to be the honest people. In my opinion, honesty is the main principle of a friendship. In a fact, when we are honest with someone, it will make he/him trust us as well as our honesty. Even, the friendship value can be measured by its honesty.
Often, some people lie to keep the others’ feeling. But, in friendship case, this principle cannot work forever. Even, a best friend will tell the truth even it can hurt you. And, it is better than make you happy from a liar.

• The third:
The wise word says, “Treats someone like you want to be treated”. This word is the best example in this great ways to be a good friend. In this occasion, you need to be equal with your best friends. Remember, you are not a superior for them and they are too from you. Take and Give reaction can be the best way to keep your friendship.

• The fourth:
Then, the next great ways are about how to help your best friends. In this case, you need to make sure that you try to be beside them when they need a help. Indeed, you have to try helping them in any situation. Maybe, you will not be there and cannot always help them. But, you have to show your attention as well as possible. If you cannot help or solve their problem, you may lead them up and be a best listener for them.

• The fifth:
At last, the great ways are about how to keep the promises. In line with the second great way, it also needs your truth and your responsibility to keep your promises.

Well, you have known about five great ways to be a good friend. You need to realize that nobody is perfect, but everybody can try its best to be almost perfect. In a hope, this article can help you to solve your friendship problems and get the best friends as many as possible because your life will be happy if you have lots of great people behind you. Best luck!