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TellPopeyes – Enjoy the Free meals on TellPopeyes Survey Guide

Accidentally, if you have just finished your dinner in Popeyes Restaurant, you have to give your recommendations and opinion about Popeyes. Popeye’s management has prepared Tellpopeyes to all the customers to fill the recommendations. You may go on www.tellpopeyes .com and get tellpopeyes survey guide to answer the whole questions about Popeyes Restaurant.

Do you know about TellPopeyes?

The great innovation in food chains industry is so significant. One of the great change is in the term of technology used. All the food chain’s agent tries to apply the technology in its production, marketing, and worker’s management. The social media used is also important and always be used for all food chains agent to help their works. The power of social media also gives a strong impact on the continuity of its products. The higher income and the high satisfaction’s customers become the final goal of all the Food Chain’s agent.

TellPopeyes is one of the examples of the social media user in food chain’s industry. That online survey platform is supported by Popeyes’ management to observe the customer’s concerns and wishes about its restaurant. In a large or a small position, the customer is the king on every type of industry. The Industry Continuity depends on their satisfaction that will support the higher income.

TellPopeyes is the online survey platform from Popeyes Restaurant. The Popeyes’ customers can give their recommendation and assessment through Popeyes’ Survey from the official website address There are some special rewards there that can be redeemed directly in all Popeye’s restaurant.

Do you know the rules in Tellpopeyes?

As like the others online survey, Tellpopeyes survey also provides some requirements for the surveyor. It is the main step for the surveyor to give the commands and recommendation on that website address. Read these following instructions:

a. First, you are more than 18 years old customers, 18 years old customers are allowed.
b. Second, you are the citizen of United States, Puerto Rico, or the District of Columbia.
c. Third, you have the latest receipt in not more than three days of the visit. Make sure that you keep it well.

Do you know the steps to go to TellPopeyes?

Before you start your online survey, you have to prepare these necessities:

1. Make sure that you have PC, Laptop or Smartphone.
2. Make sure that you have the strong internet connection
Now, you can start your tellpopeyes’ survey, read and write these following instructions:
1. First of all, go to the official website Popeyes’ management on and read instruction carefully, chose the available language (English or Spanish)
2. Second of all, put the restaurant code. The code displays on the top of the receipt.
3. Third of all, put the date, hour, and menus when you visited the Popeyes restaurant.
4. Forth of all, share your opinion and recommendation in the survey chapter. There is some question about the menus, services, workers, place, cleanness, restaurant’s management, and the customer’s satisfaction.
5. The fifth of all, submit your review and state your name, website address, and phone number. Later, Outback’s customer service will inform you the Coupon Code. When you get the Coupon Code, it means that you are the winner.

When you get the coupon or the validation code, you have to write it directly on your receipt. Later, you can show your receipt to the Popeye’s waitress or Customer Service and redeem it with a free purchase. Remember, that coupon is available only not more than 30 days you get the code. The Coupon is also available only for one visiting for one customer. So that, it belongs to yourself. Your coupon also cannot be exchanged with the others customers.

Do you know the reward on TellPopeyes?

Congratulation! You will get a chance to enjoy your free meal after finishing the online survey. You may invite all of your lovely friends or family to enjoy the breakfast, lunch, or dinner in Popeyes’ restaurant. You can treat them as many as possible because you get your free meal. What do you wait? Grab your reward now on www tellpopeyes com.

Do you know about Popeyes Restaurant?

Popeyes Restaurant is one of the American Fast Food Chain. The main menu of Popeyes Restaurant is Fried Chicken and all of its variety. Popeyes was built in 1972 in New Orleans, Lousiana, United States. On February 2017, Popeyes Restaurant becomes Restaurant Brand International. It can make this fast food restaurant expanding to more than 40 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and around 30 countries in the world. There is more than 2600 Popeyes restaurant in all of those states.

Popeyes Restaurant serves the Fried Chicken dishes. It also serves the Chicken in mild and spicy taste. The others product of Popeyes is red beans, rice dishes, macaroni and cheese, mashed potato with Cajun-style gravy, and so on.

Do you know about the contact person of Popeyes Restaurant?

If you have any question about Popeyes Francis, you may contact some these information details:
1. Website address:
2. Customer Sevice Phone: (877) 767-3937
3. Mail Address: 5010 Buffington Rd College Park, GA Restaurant Management
4. Facebook account:

Friday, January 12, 2018

How to Get Ultimate Happiness of Famous Restaurant’s Free Sandwich

Some of you may think that finding happiness is a bit hard and once you get it, you cannot make it stay. Well, it can be true but the pleasure coming from a free food you enjoy with friends will be ultimate. Yes, Guest Obessed Survey is one of the best ways to claim your free Checkers and Rally’s sandwich. You only need three to five minutes to complete the whole process of GuestObessed Survey. Once you have answered all Guest Obessed Survey questions, you will earn Guest Obessed Validation Code.

Guest Obessed Survey

Alright! The very first thing is that you have to understand more about the survey program. Originally, Guest Obessed is an online guest experience feedback survey coming from Checkers and Rally’s restaurant. As usual, the goal of the Guest Obessed Survey program is to know Checkers and Rally’s customers’ satisfaction about the restaurant’s products as well as the service. And, the main goal will lead to the improvement of Checkers and Rally’s products and service. The survey here is accessible at the link address that is

For information, you can finish the process of completing the Guest Obessed Customer Satisfaction Survey within less than ten minutes. But, it all depends on how fast you answer all Guest Obessed Survey questions. And, if you have a fast internet connection, you will find it easy to finish the whole things. As a reward, you will get a Checkers and Rally’s Coupon Code called Guest Obessed Validation Code. Then, you can bring it to the nearest Checkers and Rally’s store to redeem the coupon for Checkers and Rally’s free sandwich.

What to Need for GuestObessed Survey?

When you are about to start taking the survey, it is best to know the things that you are going to need for GuestObessed Survey. They are:

• Electronic device such as laptop or mobile phone
• Internet connection
• Recent Checkers and Rally’s receipt 2018
• Capability of understanding English as the survey is only available in one language

How to Start and Complete Guest Obessed Feedback Experience Survey?

You may be excited about the rewards offered by Checkers and Rally’s restaurant. Of course, it is rarely for other restaurants to offer free menu even for loyal customers. Through Checkers and Rally’s Survey, you can share your Checkers and Rally’s feedback without worry. Alright, here is the Guest Obessed Survey Step by step instruction that you may follow:

Step #1
At the first step, it will be very nice if you have an electronic device such as laptop or maybe your mobile phone. Then, run the internet browser and visit In case you do not know how to do so, you can just click the address bar at the top of the browser. Type the Guest Obessed link address and you will reach the Checkers and Rally’s homepage.

Step #2
At the next step, you can just enter the data required. They are such as the Checkers and Rally’s store number or restaurant number as well as the date and time you visited the store. After that, you can continue to click start to begin the survey.

Step #3
Now, it is your time to see some brief Guest Obessed questions about the type of your visit to Checkers and Rally’s store. You can click dine in or take away. There will be some questions about the visit before you go to the main part of Guest Obessed Guest Satisfaction Survey.

Step #4
Once you finished completing the brief questions, now you are going to the real survey where there are some statements that need your agreement. Here, you can answer some Guest Obessed Survey questions as well as giving rates about the statement. All of the answer you give at the GuestObessed Survey page will be a reflection whether you are satisfied with the last visit or not. In this case, it is a must for all participants to be honest as the answers mean a lot to the restaurant team.

Step 5
If you have answered the whole GuestObessed questions, it means that you have completed the Checkers and Rally’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. And as the reward, you will earn the GuestObessed Validation Code that you have to save. You can either write down the code on the back of Checkers and Rally’s receipt or just screen shoot the page.

How to Gain More Information about GuestObessed Survey?

So, it is all about the GuestObessed Feedback Experience Survey. In case you need more information, you can access Checkers and Rally’s official site at or The official website serves rich information about the restaurant. They are such as Checkers and Rally’s menu, Checkers and Rally’s hot promotions, Checkers and Rally’s locator, and so on. Or, you can also contact Checkers and Rally’s customer service phone number at 1 800 800 8072.

Overall, it is about GuestObessed Survey that you have to know as good Checkers and Rally’s customers. Keep enjoying your life and enjoy the free Checkers and Rally’s sandwich!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The List of the Best Doughnut Chains

The doughnut is another popular American culinary after burger. Most of the Americans claim that this round fried dough is their beloved snack. There is nothing better than enjoying a cup of tea with the doughnut in the afternoon. This food never loses its fans. No doubt, there are a large number of doughnut shops spread in the US. The main reason why donuts are very popular is due to the tradition as well as innovation. For instance, the old donut shops may still produce the blueberry donuts. In contrast, the New York donut shops do some innovations on their donuts. As the example, they may fill the donuts with peanut butter or creme brulee. Since there are many tasty inventions about the donut, this snack will never lose its popularity.

Searching the doughnut chains in the United States is not difficult. As like burger chains, America has various donut shops. Both local and international donut chains are easy to find across the nation. Each chain serves the donuts uniquely. So, you will have a lot of options to spend your afternoon time. You just need to make sure that the store you visit serves the freshly baked donut every day. In fact, most of the shops offer not only donuts in their menu. They also provide other baked items. This way, you can have some choices to accompany your coffee or tea.

Ranking the best donut shops is rather hard. Every donut shop has its special menu and taste. So, everyone will have the different review about which donut chain is the best one. But, here we list down the most popular donut chains in the US. Check this out.

1. Dunkin Donuts.

Dunkin’ Donuts is the biggest American donut store and coffeehouse. Established in 1950 in Massachusetts, Dunkin Donuts can expand its donuts chains around the world. This company has more than 1200 donut shops worldwide. Besides, we can find this donut chains in 36 countries. To satisfy the customers, Dunkin Donuts does not only sell donut. But, this shop also produces bagels, baked goods, coffee, and tea. In the certain occasion, Dunkin Donuts offers the special menu items such as Pumpkin Pie Donut and Red Velvet Drizzle.

To prevent the customers’ boredom, Dunkin Donuts offers the wide variety of donuts. As the example, it serves muffins, bagels, cookies, and sandwich. Besides, Dunkin Donuts also has the brand name called Munchkins for its donut holes. Furthermore, it also serves Big N Toasted sandwich and glazed donut for breakfast. Even this company is specializing in the donut, but surprisingly, the biggest sales are not from the donut. Almost 65% revenue is from drinks selling. It means, most of the people who come to Dunkin Donuts only order drinks without the donut.

Why do the sales of Dunkin Donut beverage seem increasing? It is because Dunkin Donuts offers the wide range of drink options. You can choose whether you want to enjoy the cold or hot drink. The hot drinks at Dunkin Donuts include the hot coffee, hot tea, and hot chocolate. Besides, the samples of cold drinks are iced tea, Coolatta, iced coffee, and cream, as well as slush. Dunkin Donuts slush is from the fruit juice. Furthermore, you can order other drink varieties. For example, you can enjoy iced coffee, macchiatos, latte with various flavors. You can add caramel swirl, vanilla, or hazelnut. To give the surprise for the customers, Dunkin Donuts also offers the seasonal flavors. But, you have to notice that these flavors are not available all the time. You just can order this drink flavor in the certain occasion. As the example, you can order Butter Pecan during spring. Besides, you can order salted caramel as well as the pumpkin during the fall.

Do you want to enjoy Dunkin Donuts for free? I’ll tell you a secret to get the free donut from this shop. You have to purchase Dunkin Donuts first to get a receipt. Then, you can use Dunkin Donuts receipt to enter TellDunkin Survey. By answering a series of questions at TellDunkin survey, you will receive a coupon valued a free donut.

2. Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme has been producing the fresh doughnuts since 1937. Headquartered in North Caroline, Krispy Kreme becomes the second largest donut company after Dunkin Donuts. In 2015, Krispy Kreme operated 1000 chains worldwide. Krispy Kreme does not serve their products in the store. But, you will also find Krispy Kreme outlets in Walmart, Target, and Shaw’s. Krispy Kreme not only produces donuts. But, it also sells the wide range of menu items. As the example, you can order the sandwich and other baked items. Furthermore, Krispy Kreme also serves many choices of beverages. As a result, you will be able to enjoy your time at Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme offers many varieties of donuts. Sometimes, this store also offers the special edition dish. For example, Krispy Kreme offers the banana pudding. Once you try the Krispy Kreme donuts for the first time, you will be addicted to its taste. One bite of Krispy Kreme original glazed donut will never be enough. So, you will try other donut flavors at Krispy Kreme.

As like Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme also creates guest satisfaction survey named Krispy Kreme Listens. Through Krispy Kreme Listens, you can give your opinion about this donut store. Besides, you can supply the details of your experience when you visit Krispy Kreme. Furthermore, Krispy Kreme will welcome all feedback from their guests. Both positive and negative review will help Krispy Kreme to improve its business. So, if you want to get the better service from Krispy Kreme, you should not miss taking part in KrispyKremeListens.

3. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is also popular as Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shop. This chain is originally from Canada. Although Tim Hortons is from Canada, this donut shop can win the America’s hearts. No doubt, it can run more than 4600 chains in nine countries. This quick service chain serves donuts and coffee. Established in 1964, Tim Hortons can expand the chains into a large number of franchises. But, in 2014, Burger King purchased Tim Hortons.

4. Honey Dew

Established in 1975 at Massachusetts, Honey Dew grows as the popular local donut shop. Nowadays, Hone Dew has more than 150 chains in New England. Hone Dew also has drive-thru coffee and donut shop to serve the customers. Besides, Honey Dew sells not only donut but also pastries and muffin. The owner of Honey Dew never stops inventing the new menu items. That is why Hone Dew always introduces the new donut varieties. For instance, Honey Dew has Butternut Donut. It is a donut coated with the rolled oats.
Besides, they also have Coconut jelly donut, coconut jelly stick, and cinnamon stick.
Honey Dew Donuts has the business slogan Always Fresh, Always Good. It means, this donut shop always serves the fresh and good donuts every day. So, every time you visit Honey Dew, you should not worry about the freshness of the menu you order. Besides, this donut company also concerns to the community. Honey Dew gives back what it earns to the community. For example, Honey Dew sponsors the fundraisers, local team, as well as the non-profit organization.

5. Daylight Donuts

Daylight Donut has been operating for 60 years. So, we cannot underestimate this company in donut industry. Based in Tulsa, Daylight Donut can operate more than 900 chains worldwide. The owner of Daylight Donuts is successful to develop the flour mix. As a result, Daylight Donuts can make the different dough. This shop can make the lighter and fluffier doughnut. To maintain the consistency of the dough quality, Daylight Donuts produces this trademark mix in the central facility. Although the name of the store is Daylight Donuts, this shop also offers other items. For example, you can try its Maple Bacon Long John. Besides, you also can give the notice to Daylight Donuts staff in order to give you the special donut.

That’s all the list of the top donut shops in the US. Have you already tried each donut in the stores above? Which donut shop is your favorite? Every donut chain offers the special and fresh donut for its guests. So, you will know which store serves the best donut when you have tried all of them. When you have the most favorite donut chain, you can recommend it your friend.

After enjoying the tasty donuts from the stores listed above, you should take part in their surveys. For instance, you can involve in TellDunkin survey after visiting Dunkin Donuts. Besides, you also can participate in Krispy Kreme Listens survey. If you want to get more info about TellDunkin or KrispyKremeListens survey, you should access At this website, you cannot only search the articles about Donut shops survey. But, it also contains many articles about other restaurants survey as well as retail surveys.

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Tellpizzahut – Fill a Survey and Get a Chance to Get $1000 from Pizza Hut

Who likes pizza? I’m sure a lot of you like pizza or even “love” pizza. Pizza Hut is a well-known restaurant that serves various pizza and other cuisines such as salad, wings, and desserts. Now, Pizza has an online survey called Tellpizzahut to listen to the customers more.

What is Tellpizzahut?

Tell Pizza Hut survey is an online survey for Pizza Hut’s customers. That survey contains some questions about Pizza Hut such as the hygiene of the restaurant, the kindness of the staff, the taste and other questions related to Pizza Hut. This could be the best way to understand what customers want. Because many customers tend to not express their issues directly to the staffs in the restaurant to avoid conflicts. By this survey, customers can tell Pizza Hut everything in their mind and also get a chance to get special offers from Pizza Hut as well. You can win $1.000 cash as well if you lucky are you interested?

“Must” Things for Tellpizzahut Survey

This survey requires you to participate by yourself. Pizza Hut staffs would not give you survey paper or questionnaire. You have to access this Pizza Hut survey through online by yourself instead. By that, you need several things to get there.

• A Tablet or Computer
The first thing you need is a device to access the survey website such as a tablet, computer or a smartphone.

• Internet Connection
The second thing is an internet connection. Pizza Hut restaurant usually provides you with a free hotspot, just ask the staff about it. You can also use your own data. Don’t worry; it just spends a little data.

• Pizza Hut Receipt
The next thing is a recent Pizza Hut receipt. The reason you need this receipt is that there is a survey code printed on that receipt. You will need that code to enter the survey page. If you can’t find the survey code, you can use the store number to enter the survey page.

• 5 Minutes Free Time
The survey may take you more than 5 minutes to complete, make sure you can finish it once you take it. I estimate that the survey can be done in about 5 minutes and less than 10 minutes.

• Understanding in English or Spanish
You need to understand one of the languages because the survey is only available in English or Spanish.

Correct Steps to Fill the Tellpizzahut Customer Satisfaction Survey

Since there will be no one guiding you, you can read this complete guideline.

• Step 1
At first, you have to open tell Pizza Hut website at

• Step 2
After that, you may like to change the language into English or Spanish

• Step 3
Then, fill the survey code which is printed on your receipt to enter the survey page.

• Step 4
Answer all Tellpizzahut questions honestly. Pizza Hut needs your honest feedback to understand the issues in their restaurant. Any information from you will be useful for their improvements in the future.

• Step 5
Decide whether you want to take more survey or not. The more you submit a survey, the more chance you will get to win $1.000 cash from Pizza Hut. And also decide whether you want to receive more promotional news from them or not.

• Step 6
Then, you have to provide your contact. Give them your valid email address or email address that is connected to your smartphone. Because they might contact you via email if you win.

• Step 7
After that, you need to answer the last question. They will ask you how often you ordered pizza in last three days including Pizza Hut.

• Step 8
Well done, now you will receive a message that you have already joined the Tellpizzahut sweepstake for the main prize which is $10.000 for 10 winners

Tellpizzahut Sweepstake Rules

Just like other sweepstakes, this $1.000 also has rules.

• Rule 1
You should be at least 16 years old to join the sweepstake. It sounds good because other sweepstakes usually requires the participants to be at least 18 years old.

• Rule 2
You must live in one of these locations: Denmark, United Kingdom, South Korea, Germany, United States, Canada, or Honduras.

About Pizza Hut Restaurant

Pizza Hut started the business in 1966 in the east of Mississippi. It offers various pizzas with a bunch of toppings and also other delicious menus. The menus of Pizza Hut are different if you go to Pizza Hut in other countries. It is because Pizza Hut customizes its menus in order to be acceptable for local people around the restaurant location. Now, Pizza Hut becomes one of the biggest franchise businesses with more than 15.000 restaurants in many countries.

Pizza Hut Customer Service and Headquarter

Pizza Hut headquarters is in Plano, Texas, U.S. If you have an issue in Pizza Hut, you are welcomed to tell them. However, you have to think whether it is urgent or not. Because there are two customer service you can use

• Pizza Hut Email (For common issues):
• Pizza Hut Phone (For urgent issues): 1-800-948-8488 (US Only)
• Pizza Hut Official Websites: and

That is all about Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey and bit information about the company itself. Wish you get Tell Pizza Hut $1.000 prize! Good Luck!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

How to Treat Your Girl Exclusively Without Spending Money

As men, you have to be gentle and able to fulfill all your girl needs. Here, you should know that all women love shopping. If you really love her, you must please her heart by taking her with you when you hang out sometimes. But, your problem may be about the money. In this case, you do not know what to do when you run out of money but you want to make a date. Worry less as you can visit MabelAndZora website that has the answer to your question!

Your Girl is Not the Problem

Fellas! You may start to think that your girl or wife is the troublemaker why you run out of money. In this case, you can start to stop blaming the one that you love. It is because MabelAndZora offers you to be wise in shopping. You have to shop at bug supermarkets and eat at famous restaurants without having to spend money. And that is the rule!

Well, you start to think that this article is bullshit but you will never know the truth until you access The website provides smart information that you can start to apply. At the main focus, you can explore the guidelines about online customer survey portals. So that you know, most restaurants and supermarkets hold a program called customer satisfaction survey. And the most interesting part of the program is that you can win awesome prizes. They are such as an iPad, $450 to $2,500 gift cards, cash, and even free items.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes is the Answer!

Now, you have to flash back and remember what kind of stores that you have visited this last two months. They can be KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, Publix, and so on. If you collect the entire receipts, you may get more than five. Then, you can start to take the customer satisfaction survey held by those fast food restaurants to win free meals. Of course, you will find it interesting as all that you have to own is the receipts and access the official website.

The same with the restaurants, you can start to take the shopping experience surveys. Moreover, if those surveys have sweepstakes program, you are able to win luxurious things. Not to mention, you can get that Apple item, money, and discount coupon. Just imagine how you can win those prizes while you are enjoying the free meals. No doubt, you will fall in love with customer satisfaction surveys!

Originally, the customer surveys have a goal to keep the customers loyal. Of course, the companies must know whether the customers disappointed or satisfied. It is impossible to ask the customer one by one about what they feel. And here you go, the online customer surveys that you can take at home. To make the customers interested in taking part, the companies offer some interesting instant rewards. As the competitors do the same, some companies dare to offer iPad and even $2,500 cash as the prizes. Awesome, isn’t it?

MabelAndZora Will Help You to Win

You look so poor now because you keep imagining how amazing it feels to get free whopper at Burger King. If you can make it real, then why don’t you just do it? Just do it!

MabelAndZora has a lot of valuable information related to customer survey and other hot promotions. Accessing this website will help you to save your time and energy. You can find all information you need at one place. Of course, it is more effective rather than you have to Google each restaurant promotion one by one.

Some websites do not know where the date period ends. But it is different from this website. MabelAndZora team knows everything about what they are delivering to the visitors. The team also knows what kind of information needed by the visitors. In case you need to know the brief history or profile of the restaurant and supermarket, you can find it. In case you want to know the detail information about customer surveys, you will also get it.

The website provides you some tutorial videos that will help you understand the steps to take the surveys. Without a doubt, you will find it very easy to follow the instructions. It will be cool if you can take the surveys everyday as some restraints offer the free meals to all participants. For bigger prizes, you will have to enter the sweepstakes after completing the surveys. Here, the process will take longer time as you have to wait for the announcement. There will be daily $1,000 prizes and $1,500 weekly prizes.

Visit MabelAndZora Before it is Too Late

Attention! Dear men who want to make their women happy, you have to pay attention to the date. I mean, every customer satisfaction survey and sweepstakes program has limits. Before the period closed, you have to make sure that you visit MabelAndZora and follow all instructions. Also, it is best to take the survey once you get the receipts. Most of the companies set the validation date for the survey code within a week. That is why we have to pay attention to MabelAndZora instructions well.

Today, you may have been living a rough day and you do not want to keep the bad mood. Instead of fighting with your lover, it will be better if you take this precious opportunity. As good things somehow will not come twice, you need to rush.

After knowing this pleasing truth, you may feel excited to start taking the surveys. First thing first, you can start to take the surveys with the prizes of free meals or items. You can spend the instant rewards with your woman. No doubt, it will be a wonderful day having lunch with her with less money you spend. Then, you can also take the supermarket customer surveys. There will be some discounts coupon and gift cards to win daily, weekly, and monthly. Visit MabelAndZora and keep breaking your limit!