Monday, December 11, 2017

Tellpizzahut – Fill a Survey and Get a Chance to Get $1000 from Pizza Hut

Who likes pizza? I’m sure a lot of you like pizza or even “love” pizza. Pizza Hut is a well-known restaurant that serves various pizza and other cuisines such as salad, wings, and desserts. Now, Pizza has an online survey called Tellpizzahut to listen to the customers more.

What is Tellpizzahut?

Tell Pizza Hut survey is an online survey for Pizza Hut’s customers. That survey contains some questions about Pizza Hut such as the hygiene of the restaurant, the kindness of the staff, the taste and other questions related to Pizza Hut. This could be the best way to understand what customers want. Because many customers tend to not express their issues directly to the staffs in the restaurant to avoid conflicts. By this survey, customers can tell Pizza Hut everything in their mind and also get a chance to get special offers from Pizza Hut as well. You can win $1.000 cash as well if you lucky are you interested?

“Must” Things for Tellpizzahut Survey

This survey requires you to participate by yourself. Pizza Hut staffs would not give you survey paper or questionnaire. You have to access this Pizza Hut survey through online by yourself instead. By that, you need several things to get there.

• A Tablet or Computer
The first thing you need is a device to access the survey website such as a tablet, computer or a smartphone.

• Internet Connection
The second thing is an internet connection. Pizza Hut restaurant usually provides you with a free hotspot, just ask the staff about it. You can also use your own data. Don’t worry; it just spends a little data.

• Pizza Hut Receipt
The next thing is a recent Pizza Hut receipt. The reason you need this receipt is that there is a survey code printed on that receipt. You will need that code to enter the survey page. If you can’t find the survey code, you can use the store number to enter the survey page.

• 5 Minutes Free Time
The survey may take you more than 5 minutes to complete, make sure you can finish it once you take it. I estimate that the survey can be done in about 5 minutes and less than 10 minutes.

• Understanding in English or Spanish
You need to understand one of the languages because the survey is only available in English or Spanish.

Correct Steps to Fill the Tellpizzahut Customer Satisfaction Survey

Since there will be no one guiding you, you can read this complete guideline.

• Step 1
At first, you have to open tell Pizza Hut website at

• Step 2
After that, you may like to change the language into English or Spanish

• Step 3
Then, fill the survey code which is printed on your receipt to enter the survey page.

• Step 4
Answer all Tellpizzahut questions honestly. Pizza Hut needs your honest feedback to understand the issues in their restaurant. Any information from you will be useful for their improvements in the future.

• Step 5
Decide whether you want to take more survey or not. The more you submit a survey, the more chance you will get to win $1.000 cash from Pizza Hut. And also decide whether you want to receive more promotional news from them or not.

• Step 6
Then, you have to provide your contact. Give them your valid email address or email address that is connected to your smartphone. Because they might contact you via email if you win.

• Step 7
After that, you need to answer the last question. They will ask you how often you ordered pizza in last three days including Pizza Hut.

• Step 8
Well done, now you will receive a message that you have already joined the Tellpizzahut sweepstake for the main prize which is $10.000 for 10 winners

Tellpizzahut Sweepstake Rules

Just like other sweepstakes, this $1.000 also has rules.

• Rule 1
You should be at least 16 years old to join the sweepstake. It sounds good because other sweepstakes usually requires the participants to be at least 18 years old.

• Rule 2
You must live in one of these locations: Denmark, United Kingdom, South Korea, Germany, United States, Canada, or Honduras.

About Pizza Hut Restaurant

Pizza Hut started the business in 1966 in the east of Mississippi. It offers various pizzas with a bunch of toppings and also other delicious menus. The menus of Pizza Hut are different if you go to Pizza Hut in other countries. It is because Pizza Hut customizes its menus in order to be acceptable for local people around the restaurant location. Now, Pizza Hut becomes one of the biggest franchise businesses with more than 15.000 restaurants in many countries.

Pizza Hut Customer Service and Headquarter

Pizza Hut headquarters is in Plano, Texas, U.S. If you have an issue in Pizza Hut, you are welcomed to tell them. However, you have to think whether it is urgent or not. Because there are two customer service you can use

• Pizza Hut Email (For common issues):
• Pizza Hut Phone (For urgent issues): 1-800-948-8488 (US Only)
• Pizza Hut Official Websites: and

That is all about Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey and bit information about the company itself. Wish you get Tell Pizza Hut $1.000 prize! Good Luck!