Infographic: How Far Are NFL Teams Traveling This Season?

For professional sports teams, it’s a long road from the first day of official practice to the championship trophy ceremony — figuratively and literally. For NFL players and teams, there’s more travel involved than one might think, especially with the international series continuing to expand in London each year.

How does travel impact on-field performance, though? Some teams overcome it to be successful, but it’s just too much to handle for others on the playoff bubble.

A great example of this is the San Diego Chargers. Not many analysts pinned them as a Super Bowl contender heading into this season, but they have the talent to make some noise in the AFC West. However, they’ve struggled through the first half with a 2-6 record, which includes an 0-4 mark on the road. Those away games consisted of trips to Cincinnati, Minnesota, Green Bay and Baltimore. Nobody will use it as an excuse, but it definitely makes things harder on a squad fighting to stay relevant.

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Finding the Right Amount of Times to Post Daily on Social Media

How often should you post daily throughout various social media platforms? Having a pre-determined plan is important, but knowing how often to post is different for everybody – no matter what any study “reveals.”

Buffer shared this cool infographic to show us approximately how many times a day we should be posting updates, depending on the social media network we’re talking about:

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Use the Power of Hashtags to Get Discovered and Discover Others

We’ve previously talked about the power of hashtags and why you should be using ones relevant to your niche every time you post something on social media. However, we sometimes get too deep into the “I want people to find me” mode instead of “I want to go and find others” mode.

There are tons of cool events and conferences that people would love to attend, but can’t for one reason or another. Back in the Stone Age (i.e. before social media), we were out of luck if we couldn’t make it to a particular event.

That’s completely changed now, and it’s all because of social media and the power of hashtags. As mentioned in the past, it’s hard to go anywhere or look at anything without seeing some kind of official hashtag being displayed. These events and conferences are no different.

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Do This One Simple Thing to Increase Engagement on Instagram

How do you gain followers and increase engagement on Instagram? There are plenty of different – and sometimes awfully elaborate – tactics to make this happen, but we sometimes forget that keeping it simple can also be just as effective.

According to Expanded Ramblings, there are 400 million active users on Instagram, and the estimated number of users in the U.S. alone this year is nearly 78 million. Also, a staggering 90 percent of them are younger than the age of 35. That’s a lot of people, and if you’re trying to engage with the younger demographic (who isn’t these days?), this network should be a part of your social media strategy, especially if your business produces a lot of cool images to share with the public.

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Posting on Social Media: Avoiding the Point of Diminishing Returns

Whenever we post something on social media, we want others to like and share it. What many don’t think about is avoiding the point of diminishing returns when sharing information.

There’s a great article on Buffer from Kevan Lee that’s all about how to gain more followers on networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+. As much as it matters to have a group of followers that are engaged and active, the number of followers you have is still an important metric.

There are countless articles covering how to gain followers, including this one on Buffer. However, it also touches on how to not lose the followers you just gained. If people spent half as much time learning how to retain followers instead of just trying to acquire new ones, they’d probably have double what they have now.

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